About us

About Us

Swastik Housewares is one of the world's leading organizations in the area and the largest home equipment producer in India. To be the primary desire for consumers international drives the agency and its personnel. Swastik Housewares aspires to enhance the first-rate of life for people with its wonderful brands, high-class merchandise and superior solutions. Along the worldwide brands we are local manufacturers in the field of Housewares and Household Appliances. Even as the worldwide brands are aligned to their respective goal businesses practically everywhere in the world, the neighborhood Swastik Housewares manufacturers every maintain a robust local relationship to the purchasers and salers Wholesalers or Retailers.

Successful all around the Global World Wide

Based in 2010 as a joint assignment of Suhas B. Patil and Bipin Mehta to form Swastik Housewares. In its over 10 years of records, Swastik Housewares has grown from a Indian Company into one of the global's leading domestic equipment Household producers. Swastik Housewares produces the entire variety of current home equipment. The product portfolio degrees from Back To School, Bathroom Accessories, Fridge Bottles, Microwave Safe Rang, Multi Utility Product, Stainless Steel Range & Storage Container. The ongoing digitalization creates even more complicated needs on domestic appliances. With the intention to meet the constantly evolving patron wishes Swastik Housewares will transform itself from a provider of home equipment to a enterprise that gives personalised virtual functions, services and content further to domestic appliances. With domestic connect, Swastik Housewares gives a move-emblem platform as the premise for a rapidly developing environment of connected domestic home equipment and customer-centric services for a unique future revel in inside the kitchen.

Consumer Reviews

The purchasers and their needs are at the center of all of Swastik Housewares's tendencies. Consequently Swastik Housewares assessments prototypes and products in consumer enjoy labs, under actual-life situations in all phases of improvement collectively with purchasers. The results are hence continuously incorporated into the development of latest home appliances and answers. In this way Swastik Housewares can exactly meet the distinct wishes of clients: modern and excessive-magnificence home equipment characterized now not best by way of design, consumer friendliness and strength performance, but additionally additional virtual advantages.


The person strengths of the personnel, their motivation, their technical qualifications and the sturdy, shared values are the important thing success factors for Swastik Housewares. Swastik Housewares consequently promotes the improvement of its achievement in line with their pursuits and ability, and offers a modern and agile running environment. Swastik Housewares has constantly improved its international community of personnel over the last few years and is an open-minded organization that values and fosters diversity. Swastik Housewares employees on all five continents contribute a huge sort of perspectives and reports, and are the basis for excessive-class merchandise and solutions.